Volunteer Snowbuster application

The Snowbusters Program is the City of Thornton’s volunteer snow removal program. This program was initiated to help provide snow removal for low-income and disabled residents.



Confidentiality Statement: As a volunteer for the City of Thornton I understand that some of my work may involve access to information and records that are considered confidential. I acknowledge my responsibility to respect the confidentiality of others, to follow procedures in order to protect privacy, and to act in a professional manner with the public. I further understand that if I violate confidentiality or am unprofessional, I will be dismissed immediately. I understand this action to be necessary in order to maintain high professional standards of the City of Thornton.

Background Check Authorization: The City of Thornton will conduct a background investigation on the applicants, including, but not limited to, the verification of criminal record history, driving record history, and the National Sex Offender Public Registry. By signature below, I hereby authorize the City to conduct such investigation without further notice. I also consent to the release of any confidential information held by prior employers or held by any other person or organization to enable the City to conduct the background investigation. It is my responsibility to notify the City of any changes in my criminal history.

Release of Liability: I acknowledge participation in the Volunteer Thornton Snowbusters program involves risk of physical injury or damage to personal property. I hereby expressly assume such risk of physical injury or damage to personal property, and release and waive any claims against Thornton, its agents and employees, such injury or damage, and further agree to hold the City of Thornton, its agents and employees, harmless for any injury to me while participating in the City’s volunteer program. It is my understanding that while volunteering for the City of Thornton, volunteers are covered under the City’s volunteer medical insurance policy as their secondary coverage.

I acknowledge I have read and understood this agreement. I certify that all statements on this form are true and complete and understand that false statements or incomplete information shall be sufficient cause to not accept me as an applicant or dismiss me as a volunteer.